USB Stick

USB stick for wedding guest gifts

Thinking of a unique yet, useful kind of giveaway for your wedding guests can become tiresome and overwhelming. Admittedly, there are heaps of choices available today when it comes to wedding favours. However, there is a problem that comes with that particular abundance. Nowadays, most wedding favours are items that lack utilitarian value, and trinkets that are forgettable at best. For that reason, there is much clamour for more creative and useful wedding gifts and giveaways for wedding guests.

Personalised Keepsakes, an Australian company that creates elegant and professional packaging products, has an answer to the issue of providing useful wedding gifts and giveaways for your wedding guests. If you want to help your guests remember your special day and also give them a gift that they can use every day, why not give them a gift that can do both: a personalised USB stick with various styles and designs?

Why give USB sticks as gifts to wedding guests?

A USB stick might not be the first item that would come to mind when it comes to wedding favours, but it certainly performs the functions that you would want it to have. Here are a couple of reasons why you should give USB sticks as wedding giveaways:

  • A way to keep the memories alive

The primary function of a wedding guest gift is to aid your guests in remembering the intimate and special moments that happened on your wedding day. Usually, the only reminders on traditional wedding favours are monograms, stickers, or the date of the wedding day.

The difference when you give personalised USB sticks as wedding favours is that you can actually store pictures, videos, and other files that will help your guests remember your wedding in great detail. With a personalised USB stick, guests would no longer have to rely on memory alone if they want to reminisce about your wedding.

  • Useful favour for guests

Another benefit to giving personalised USB sticks as wedding guest gifts is its utility. Most wedding giveaways like figurines, candies, or picture frames are not really items that wedding guests would use every day. Sometimes, these items even end up at the back of the storage and are left forgotten after a few short days.

Personalised USB sticks, on the other hand, are useful items that your guests can use both personally and professionally. Since we live in a technologically-driven world, our everyday lives revolve around digital files. USB sticks are handy tools that your guests would definitely be happy to have.

Kinds of USB sticks available at Personalised Keepsakes

At Personalised Keepsakes, they offer personalised USB sticks that can reach the capacity of 64GB, functioning both at USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 range. You can have a variety of styles and materials to choose from. They offer:

  • Black or White Leather USB sticks,

  • Black or White Plastic USB sticks, and

  • Brown or White Timber USB sticks with the swivel function or device lid.

You can customise these with printed designs and logos, or even engrave these designs on your personalised USB sticks. When it comes to the style and design, the sky is the limit with Personalised Keepsakes.

Personalised USB sticks as creative and useful wedding favours

Consider adding a personalised USB stick now to the wedding favour kits of your guests. Although these are not traditional wedding giveaways, your guests will certainly be impressed with the thought that you put into choosing your wedding guest gifts. These are not just unique and stylish wedding giveaways. USB sticks are also useful tools that your guests can use in their everyday lives.

To know more about these products, contact them or browse their website to find out how to order online. Personalised Keepsakes is an Australian company that focuses on personal customer service by providing professional and elegant packaging products.