Wedding Ceremony

Your individual ceremony crafted to last a life time. Your wedding celebrant will work closely with you to create a beautiful ceremony exclusively designed for you. Choose a celebrant that is committed to ensuring your special day is all you dream it can be. This is an opportunity to celebrate and honour the love you have for one another and the close relationship you share. A trusted celebrant will look forward to  working together to create your exquisite ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

Renewing your wedding vows is a celebration of the strong and lasting bond you have created together. A beautiful ceremony will mark the milestones you have achieved in your relationship honouring you as a committed and devoted couple, in life we make goals, we make plans, sometimes we forget where we started, so now and again it is important to stop, look around, and remember to say I love you.

Commitment Ceremony

Commitment ceremonies are a beautiful way of expressing to one another the commitment you have to your relationship and the love you have for each other whether you are a couple that would like to take part in a commitment ceremony rather than a legal ceremony or perhaps a same sex couple wishing to make the same level of commitment. The love that two people share should be recognised celebrated and admired. Love comes to us in many different forms and a modern celebrant will believe your relationship should be respected and honoured as the very real and loving relationship it is.

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the gift of life

Welcoming a child into the world is a life changing event it is one of the most important days on life’s calendar. Recognising this precious arrival by participating in this special ceremony is giving devoted family and friends the opportunity to express what this beautiful child means to them .It is an occasion where loved ones may pledge their commitment to the guiding role they will play during life’s incredible journey.

Achievement Ceremony

Honouring our loved ones  for their incredible achievements is a beautiful way to say I admire you and we are proud of you. It may be a university or high school graduation a retirement, or significant birthday celebration. A beautiful ceremony can be created to mark these special occasions and milestones in our lives, I am sure you will agree this would be an unexpected and heartfelt gift.