Do I require a marriage licence?

In Australia you do not require a marriage licence; however there is paperwork that is required to be completed prior to your ceremony and on your wedding day. Your celebrant will take great delight and pleasure in assisting you in this area. Your marriage celebrant wants to ensure you have a stress free wedding when it comes to the paperwork and requirements.  At the completion of your ceremony it is the duty of the celebrant to complete the necessary steps required to have your marriage registered with Births Deaths and Marriages.

We wish to be married as soon as possible.

Your Notice of intended marriage must be completed and lodged with your celebrant no less than one month and one day prior to your wedding day.

How many witnesses are required to be present during our wedding ceremony?

You require two witnesses both must be over the age of 18.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes this is a beautiful opportunity to capture what you mean to one another spoken from the heart.

Is it necessary to have wedding vows incorporated into our ceremony?

Although wedding vows are a lovely touch there is no legal requirement to have vows included in your ceremony.

Are there any restrictions on the time of day we can be married?

This is your ceremony and your celebration exclusively designed to for fill your wishes. You may be married at any time of the day or night that best suits, candles and beautiful flamed torches can be used to make a tropical dusk or dawn ceremony stunningly beautiful. Most people choose times and days that are suitable for guests, venues and suppliers and other factors.

How can we involve our family and friends in our ceremony?

There are many meaningful ways to incorporate loved ones into your special day, Whether it be a reading, poetry,musical performances, or a beautiful speech the possibilities are endless. I welcome family and friend’s involvement, The role they play in your ceremony is valued ensuring your day is beautiful , individual and memorable.

Can our ceremony be held on a beach?

Yes you may hold a ceremony on a public beach or public location of your choice however you must apply for a permit to do so. Your celebrant can assist you with this requirement ensuring this special location is reserved exclusively for your use.

Will we receive a marriage certificate?

Yes on your wedding day you will receive a presentation Certificate of Marriage. This is a legal document however it is necessary for you to apply for your official certificate of marriage in order to make changes to your name ect this may be purchased through the relevant registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.